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22" x 32" gallery wrapped $325.00

My outdoor prints are done on a double block out smooth banner material and/or outdoor canvas material specially made for outdoors (- on a 54" Roland Eco Solvent Printer. I prepare your artwork prints by coating with two coats of liquid laminate to further protect from UV and Water. I seal the wood stretcher bars with a spray varnish sealant.

Photographed on March 2011, I am doing testing on my products in an uncovered situation and will update the status of this as time goes on.
Please note that I will guarantee my product for three years of seasonal outdoor use. We recommend to hang if possible on covered porch, patio, deck or sun room and it is recommend that you hang where you have less than 5 hours of direct sunlight to extend the life and color of your outdoor prints.

WOW what a neat way to Spice up your Outdoor Living AREA!! 
I can create any of my painting as an outdoor print! 



8" x 10" tile art (Hotplate)

You can use this item in many ways:

*Frame this in Standard 8" x 10" frame 
*Hang on wall with plate holders
*tile into back splash in kitchen or in the bathroom tile jobs
*Use for Hot Plate by stove or dinning room table for your casserole for that special dinner party



Cutting Board

Measuring 11"x 16", the cutting board is made of tempered glass and is fully functional. Image is sublimated on the back, so you will be viewing the image through the glass giving it a softer appearance.

**Care of Products: Please note that all my Sublimation transfer are heat and water resistant but WILL FADE in direct sunlight. ** Also Note: Since Cutting Boards are sublimated on the back, the back side is delicate and care should be taken that no hard object such as a knife hits the back because it will damage it. I produce all of my own products so you are buying products produced in the USA! 




**What is Sublimation (Dye Sublimation Transfer)?**

Definition for sublimation:
(chemistry) a change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid.Dye Sublimation Transfer is a process where:
I take an image of my Original Painting - 
print this image with a printer using special saw grass sublimation transfer inks onto transfer paper
Once the image is on the paper I place it under a heat press on top of your polyester or poly coated item (substrate) and heat at 400 degree until the inks turn to a gas and transfer the image onto the item.





Giclee Wrapped Canvas

Giclee Print on canvas Gallery Wrapped and ready to hang of original painting by Artist Jen Callahan. Stretched on a frame, measurements available in 16"x 22" or 22"x 32". Print will be numbered,dated and signed by Artist. The colors will stay true and bold (archival) for over 50 years.





Paper Prints



Paper Print

Limited Edition Giclee Paper Print 11"x 14" Signed by Jen Callahan.

All prints are numbered and sent with a Certificate of Authenticity.





**Please check out our video below**





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