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Biography / Artist Statement - Jen Callahan©️: “Original Life in Color Artist”™️

Jen Callahan©

“Original Life in COLOR Artist”™


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Jen Callahan©

“Original Life in COLOR Artist”™


"Art makes my life more beautiful than it already is."


My love for animals began as a young child and later cultivated into a need to express my fascination with animals and color. I paint with watercolor and acrylic paint and have extensive training in watercolor. I paint on my canvas, often using watercolor techniques. I am often asked what style is this: and I say, I call my own style “Life in Color” paintings.  – Many have followed me but I am proud to say I am the “Original Life in Color Artist”.


 I combine my painting technique between watercolor and acrylics, as well as experiment with different painting surfaces and styles. My emotions come out with each painting; and I tend to use colors that make me happy, sometimes disregarding what is presented in real life.”


My artistic talent has been nurtured since I was a young child.  My Mom was a studio watercolor artist, who introduced me to the arts in grade school.


As a teen I was in the Gifted Art Program as well as a College Scholarship program for high school students.


In 2000 -  I earned a degree in applied science, which focused on graphic and CIS web design.


In 2000 to 2007 -  I continued my studies with in the arts and opened a studio to sell, display, and teach art to children at Liberty Town Fine Arts Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


2007 to present -  I closed my studio and started displaying my painting at indoor and outdoor art festivals. I enjoy the thrill of showing my work in new and exciting places.


2016 to present - I opened a Working Studio in Tappahannock, Virginia - 1646 Tappahannock Blvd, Tappahannock, VA  22560



“One of ART’s best rewards to me is knowing that other get JOY from viewing my artwork.”


Jen Callahan ©






Jen Callahan

Jen Callahan Artwork - “Original Life In Color Artist”
1646 Tappahannock Blvd.
Tappahannock, Virginia 22560

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